Court Referral


Walker County Courthouse
1802 2nd Ave
Jasper, Al 35501 

Phone 205-384-7251

In the Basement Level of the Courthouse

Court Referral Officers

Glenda Chumley, CRO

Shawn Robinson, CRO 


The Court Referral Officer Program is coordinated by the Administrative Office of Courts and provides substance abuse professionals who attend sessions of circuit, district, juvenile, and municipal courts. 

These individuals evaluate defendants for alcohol/drug problems, make recommendations to judges to refer the defendants to appropriate community resources. They also drug test and monitor the defendants for compliance with court orders.

CROs use the Operational Screening Criteria, developed by the Administrative Office of Courts, as the guide for evaluation and referring defendants. Referrals are made to alcohol/drug education and treatment programs.

Services Available

 Evaluation & Placement for alcohol & drug related defendants referred by the court system  Referral to Level 1 and Level 2 alcohol & drug educational programs  Referral to Level 3 A/D treatment programs  Drug Testing  Electronic Monitoring